Aqua One Dynamic 58 Aquarium Set

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The Aqua One Dynamic 58 Aquarium has a contemporary design with a stylish pendant LED light unit that will effortlessly put your underwater oasis in the spotlight. With a quiet internal filter, it provides a combination of biological, mechanical and chemical filtration to help maintain water quality and keep your fish happy and healthy.

Features & Benefits:

  • Energy Efficient and stylish pendant LED light is height adjustable.
  • The included light mounting bracket allows you to position the light at the desired height.
  • Fully submersible low-profile internal filter provides a combination of biological, mechanical and chemical filtration.
  • Removable lid allowing easy access for maintenance.
  • Modern cabinet provides ample storage keeping unsightly equipment hidden.
  • A heater can be added to the aquarium to provide a tropical fish environment (heater purchased separately).
  • Cabinet available in two colours.
  • 1 Year Guarantee.
  • Easy to set up and maintain.

Spare Parts:

  • 25160S – Sponge 15ppi 1pk 160s
  • 25160I – Impeller Set 160i
  • 25001C – Carbon Cartridge 2pk

Suitable For: Coldwater and Freshwater Tropical

  • Size:36w x 35d x 68/72h cm
  • Vol. (L):58
  • Lighting:18W
  • Filtration:5W
  • Flow Rate:230L/H

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