Aqua One Electronic Thermometer

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Aqua One Electronic Thermometer

Aqua One Electronic Thermometer ,The ST3 Electronic Thermometer is highly accurate due to the small probe being inside the aquarium.The LCD screen is very easy to read and is compact so as not to take up too much room on the outside of your aquarium.It is very reliable and runs on batteries which are includedWith the flick of a switch you are able to choose the thermometer to give you either a Celsius or Fahrenheit reading.

  • Open the battery cover and insert the battery(provided) +side up
  • Using the suction cup, attach the display unit to the outside of the aquarium
  • Submerge the probe into the water in the aquarium
  • Do not submerge the display unit, only the probe is water resistant
  • To preserve the battery life, press the FSW button for three second to power off or remove the battery
  • To power on, press the FSW button

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