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Be Seen

High Visibility Coats

  •  increase the safety of your dog, and the person with it, in a wide variety of settings.
  •  allow your dog to be seen from far away and in poor or night light
  •  reduce the risk of emotional trauma, expensive vet bills, and/or liability for damages claims in the event of an accident

Standard high visibility coats

are made from fluorescent dyed polyester fabric and silver reflective tape and available in 5 sizes with adjustable neck and girth straps to fit almost any dog.

The practical design ensures a good fit while allowing ease of movement.

Quick release buckles on polypropylene webbing make sure it will stay on, and that it is easy to put on and take off even the wriggliest dog

Suitable for use on

town or city pavements, rural roads, beaches, farms, construction sites, trucking yards or in the bush, the Be Seen coat protects you and your dog by increasing their visibility.

Your dog is also visible to those who may be startled by its sudden appearance such as runners, cyclists or small children.

Size Guide

Dogs (like people) come in a wide range of shapes and sizes.

Be Seen high visibility coats and jackets for dogs have been designed in 5 adjustable sizes with the aim of having a coat suitable for most dogs.

The following chart is a guide to the sizes of the coats. Suggested dog breeds are included to help you choose the best size coat for your dog.

Best fit will be achieved by trying the Be Seen high visibility coats on, and adjusting the straps until the optimal coat for your dog is found. It is often the size of a dog’s chest that dictates the size of the coat needed.

Coat size Neck measurement Girth measurement Coat back length

Extra Small

22 – 33 cm

38 – 50 cm

25 cm


28 – 44 cm

46 – 58 cm

35 cm


32 - 42 cm

63 - 82 cm

45 cm


38 – 49 cm

72 - 88 cm

55 cm

Extra Large (XL)

44 - 64 cm

82 – 101 cm

65 cm

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