Blue Planet Filter Media Block

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Blue Planet Filter Media Block 

Blue Planet Filter Media Block EG764 – Recommend to change monthly.

New Filter cartridge for Blue Planet aquariums. Besides the usual sponge and activated carbon, it now comes with Zeolite, which removes ammonia build ups from uneaten food & fish waste. Thus keeping the water clearer for longer. A small handle is added for ease of change so say goodbye to touching dirty filter media!

This cartridge can be used on those filter box with marking R-045, R-050, R-060, R-065 or R-070 on the clear cover. Each package comes with 3 cartridges.

Suitable for use with Aquariums 70-220L including Haven, Kingdom, Atlantis, Paradiso, Vista, Atlantic and Orient.

Model number: AA600LGWH, AA660RGW/D, AA750LGW/D, AA800RGW/D, AA800LGC, AA900PGW/D, AA2110TGW/D, AA2100LGW/D & AA2100RGW/D. Check model number on the rating on top (or back) of the aquarium hood.

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