Blue Planet Filter Media Small 8 - 30 L 6 pack

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Blue Planet Filter Media Small 8 - 30 L 6 pack

Blue Planet Filter Media Blue Planet Filter Media is a pack of replacement filter cartridges suitable for use in smaller Blue Planet fish tanks. These handy packs of 3 or 6 media cartridges contain sponge, activated carbon, and zeolite to help remove harmful bacterial and ammonia from your aquarium and maintain fresh, clear water and a habitable environment for your pet fish to thrive. The key features of the Blue Planet Filter Media are:

  • 3 or 6 pack of replacement filter boxes constructed from sponge, activated carbon, and zeolite.
  • Suitable for use in Blue Planet Classic 20, 28, Hexy Midi and Betta aquariums.
  • Contains zeolite to reduce harmful ammonia build-up from food residue and pet waste.
  • Supports aquatic life with a bacteria-free environment.
  • Helps maintain a longer and higher quality of life for fish.
  • Activated carbon removes nasty odour build-up and cloudiness from tank water.
  • Filter replacement is recommended every 3-4 weeks.

Comes complete with carbon, wool & mineral zeolite  Suitable for Blue Planet Aquariums: Hexy Midi & Classic 20/28 & Betta + EG744 Please note this replaces filter media code EG474

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