Canine Puppy Power

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ProVida Puppy Power Oil helps to provide the perfect start for all puppies and young dogs during their first two years of development.

For visibly glowing health from nose to tail!


  • Giving your new puppy the perfect start to life
  • Supports healthy growth and development of joints
  • With NZ Fish Oil to help brain and vision function


Combined Omega 3 from land and sea - NZ Flax Seed Oil and Fish Oil... 


  • Targeted ingredients and formulated by animal nutritionists
  • Cold-Pressed Flax Seed Oil and Fish Oil - pure human food-grade
  • Probiotics to support a healthy tummy!


Canine Puppy Power is super easy to feed by simply pouring over your pup's meal once a day. Think of it like a yummy and healthy drizzle, to boost the Omega 3, 6 & 9's in their dinner to help give them the best start to life! This pure and delicious oil with tasty chicken flavour, typically provides Omega 3, Omega 6 and Omega 9. Omega's are classed as Essential Fatty Acids which means the body can't produce them by itself, they must be obtained through the diet or supplementation.
What better way to help your pup by drizzling this golden goodness over their dinner and watch them lick up every last drop!

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