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Treat your pup with all-natural, all-local popcorn.

This treat packs a POP for your pup’s gut health

We couldn’t be more excited to bring you our latest ‘good for the gut’ doggy treat – Doggy Daily Popcorn.  It’s a fun, healthy and safe low-calorie snack for your dog.

Unlike the human popcorn that you buy in the supermarket, Doggy Daily Popcorn is free from any salt, sugar or butter, which means it is healthier and safer for our pups.  

What's in Doggy Daily Popcorn?

Doggy Daily Pop Corn is air-popped and seasoned with our very own Doggy Daily supplement which is rich in essential nutrients and minerals missing from most modern doggy diets.  And that's it!  There are no nasties and the only thing to watch out for is any unpopped corn kernels that should be discarded.

Top of the Pops Doggy Treat
• Low-calorie treat
• Gluten-free
• Air-popped
• Human Grade
• Locally made

Pop a treat in your order today!

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