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Giving your cat a tablet can be challengingDrontal® Large Cat Allwormer’s smooth, round tablets are easy to swallow and last three months. The result? A happy, worm-free kitty.

Drontal®: the best cat Allwormer

We understand that even the most mild-mannered kitties don’t always appreciate taking a tablet. Our tablets are smooth, round and coated to make the process as simple as possible. 

While many worm treatments are required monthly, Drontal Allwormer® Tablets for Large Cats treatment lasts three months to effectively control roundworm, hookworm, and tapeworm. Regular deworming is so important because Drontal® effectively breaks the lifecycle of worms. You can start using Drontal Allwormer® for Large Cats from six weeks and throughout pregnancy and lactation. 

Handy tip! Treat your cat at the start of each season — it’s easier to track when your cat needs its next worming treatment.

To keep you and your pet safe from worms, make sure you buy Drontal® Allwormer Tablets for Large Cats.

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