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All of the Turtles we keep and breed are fed on Hot House Turtles Turtle Food. It contains 100% natural ingredients with no binding agents, is fish based and contains the correct levels of vitamins and minerals, including vitamin D3 to aid in the absorption of calcium. The varieties of fresh fish we use vary from Gurnard, to Snapper, to Tarakihi, and is mixed on the day we receive it from the fish processors. By using a variety of fish species we avoid boredom within the diet which is healthier for your Turtle. It is more natural to feed your Turtle a fish based diet as this is the main source of protein they receive in their natural habitat, and is what their digestive system is designed to digest. Hot House Turtles Turtle Food is the perfect diet developed for all species of Turtles we keep as Pets here in New Zealand, and by far the best diet for Eastern Snake-neck, and Australian Short-necks Turtles of all ages!

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