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Improves colours of fish through highgrade astaxanthin & carotenoids.
Does not stain water.
Phosphate content exactly balanced for reduced algae growth & optimum fish growth.
With natural Vitamin E as antioxidant

JBL NovoBits Click 100G is a slowly sinking staple food, rich in nutrients and easily digested which has been specifically developed to meet the particular nutritional requirements of Discus and other fastidious aquarium fish, like smaller cichlids, altum angles and others. The special sinking behaviour and shape of NovoBits matches the natural feeding habits of Discus. A specially balanced and carefully developed combination of ingredients containing proteins, fats, carbohydrates, minerals and fibres promotes excellent growth. Valuable carotinoids as well as vital Vitamins including stabilised Vitamin C ensure excellent coloration and promote the health of your fish.

Crude protein 46%
Crude fat 6%
Crude fibre 1.8%
Crude ash 9.5%

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