Type: 50ml
Sale price$24.50


  • Complete nutrition: ultra-fine homogenate (very fine food dissolved in water) made from over 50 natural ingredients
  • Nutritious, easy to digest and ideal growth thanks to brine shrimp components. Ideal feeding conditions for young fish which are still too small for powder food
  • No water clouding, better water quality due to optimal digestibility of the food, which reduces fish excretions
  • Natural raw ingredients for a natural diet and healthy aquarium fish
  • Package contents: 1 bottle with dropper for the exact dosage of the liquid feed included

The composition of the ideal rearing feed for young fish is based on a variety of factors. The juvenile fish are growing and need important nutrients for their development. Essential vitamins are necessary to strengthen their immune system. With young fish it is very important that the food size fits their mouth size. It is better to feed a food that is too small than one that is too large! The appropriate phosphate content of the food is essential for healthy bone formation. Too little phosphate and calcium will lead to bone deformities.

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