Size: 1.2M
Sale price$40.00


Pleasant to hold, with a firm grip. It’s a perfect match for IDC®Color&Gray® collars and harnesses.

We have woven rubber threads on the surface of the IDC®Color&Gray® leash so that it holds better and does not slip out of your hands. Due to its special coating, it can be used well in rain or wet environments. It’s durable and dries very quickly.

Available in six colours, two widths and nine lengths, so you’re guaranteed to find the perfect leash for you. The 1.2-meter and 1.8-meter versions are also available with a hoop into which you can easily hook the carabiner when carrying the leash around your neck.

Purchase as a set with a matching colour IDC®Color&Gray® collar and harness.

The straps of the IDC®Color&Gray® product family are made in Germany and are OEKO-TEX® certified.

Please note: make sure you use the leash in a correct and gentle way. Silicone / rubber fibres that provide good adhesion can cause skin irritation for a dog if the leash is tensioned/pulled incorrectly between the dog's legs, or under their chest and abdomen.

The use of this leash is not recommended for people who are sensitive to silicone. The adhesive surface is a natural silicone / rubber material, which should be protected from the sun, heat and chemicals if possible. After use in a wet environment, it is important to let the leash dry naturally.

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