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Pet parents everywhere love Loofa Dog and now, there’s a fun style for them to collect. Our Rope Body Loofa Dog, designed for hours of tossing, chewing and tugging fun. Available in a variety of colors, we’re sure customers will be excited to rope one in and bring it home to their pup!

Watch your pet get roped into playful fun with Rope Body Loofa dog toys! With a plush head and a rope body, these dog toys truly deliver. Great for games of toss, tug, and fetch, Rope Body Loofa toys are both durable and cute! Every toy has a smiling face that will keep your pet playing for the long run. Available in four vibrant colors including red, green, blue, and purple.

Each Rope Body Loofa measures 11 inches. Suitable for medium to large dogs. Please supervise your pet while this product is in use.

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