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Helps to stimulate cats, increasing play and exercise.

Catnip can be used as a training aid or to keep your kitty away from scratching the furniture by sprinkling some on a safe target or their favourite toy. It entices and stimulates cats and encourages playful behaviour.

  • Mad Cat fragrant catnip has a tempting and enticing aroma that's irresistible to cats. It’s perfect for sprinkling on toys and scratchers.
  • Mad Cat premium catnip has been cultivated to achieve the strongest, most aromatic catnip possible. The irresistible aroma in Mad Cat catnip will bring out the fun, playful nature in cats.
  • Mad Cat Catnip encourages a harmless, playful reaction in most cats. Sprinkle on scratchers to make them more appealing and deter damage to your furniture.

Mad Cat premium, pesticide-free catnip contains 100% natural North American grown catnip that drives cats crazy.

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