Nutrience Dog Grain Free

Size: 2.25kg
flavor: Chicken
Sale price$61.99


The definition of grain-free means no grains and packed with quality meat & fish proteins, whole egg, fruits and vegetables. Nutrience Grain Free is a nutrient-dense food which uses premium ingredients to make a true grain-free, meat rich formula. Fresh free-run turkey and chicken and herring are combined with healthy fats, fruits, vegetables and botanicals, while grains are replaced with low-glycemic lentils and sweet potatoes.

More closely mimicking a carnivore’s ancestral diet, Nutrience Grain Free offers all the same nutritious qualities of Nutrience Natural, but without the grain. It’s a great substitute for pets with certain food sensitivities.

Nutrience Grain Free Ocean Fish is formulated for suspected food allergies or intolerances. No land-based protein. No egg. No wheat, gluten, soy, corn, rice. No by-products. Formulated for sensitive skin, sensitive stomach, suspected chicken, turkey, poultry or land protein allergies. Fresh, never frozen, multiple sources of coldwater fish for protein. Low Gi carbohydrates replace grains. Coconut and natural botanicals for extra nutritional immunity and skin and coat support.

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