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Pet urine stains are easy to find if they are still wet but with old stains it can difficult if not impossible to locate where that odour is coming from - a blacklight (UV light) torch is the solution for finding pet urine stains. After detection, treat with our Odorex pet deodorising treatments to clean and eliminate pet urine odours.

    1. Wait until it’s dark, turn off the lights. 

    2. Let your eyes adjust for at least 30 seconds then move slowly through your home. Areas with pet pee will glow a dull white/yellow colour. 

    3. Treat contaminated areas with Odorex Cat Odour Eliminator, Odorex Animal Odour Eliminator or Odorex Pet Cleanup Concentrate depending on the type and severity of the problem. 

    To Insert Batteries: 

    1. Unscrew the end with the strap attached. 

    2. Let the battery case fall out of main shell. 

    3. Insert 3 x AAA batteries (on the end of the case you will see either a + or – sign indicating which way each battery should be inserted. 

    4. Slide battery case back inside main shell (on the side of the battery case you will see arrows to show you which way the shell should be inserted. 

    5. Screw the end back on and click the button near the strap.

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