Red Dingo Padded Harness

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With fully adjustable neck and girth straps for the perfect fit, double D-rings for total control and a padded lining for maximum comfort, it is the perfect dog harness at an affordable price. Machine washable too, so no worries there either.

The outer hard-wearing polyester fabric copes with all your dog's adventures while the soft inner padding give maximum comfort. The premium nylon webbing is woven from quality fine yarn for a softer feel that is incredibly durable.

Of course, you would expect no less than premium stainless steel hardware for a reliable and hard-wearing product. Reflective trim shines in low light so as the sun goes down, your dog stays seen and safe.

Two lead attachment points, Easy on and off, Soft padding for maximum comfort, Durable outdoor fabric, Reflective trim, Stainless steel hardware, Safe, secure and comfortable

The Red Dingo Padded Harness features two lead attachment points - one at the front and one at the back. You can team this harness with a double-ended training lead to increase your control, especially when walking a dog who pulls or careers sideways on lead. Clip one end of the lead to the front of the harness and one to the back D-ring to take control on walkies.

 Size  Girth (behind the front legs)  Webbing Width  Breed Guide *
 X Small  31-43cm  12mm  Chihuahua
 Small  37-52cm  15mm  Small Terrier
 Medium  46-63cm  20mm  Beagle
 Large  56-80cm  25mm  Labrador

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