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Eukanuba Puppy for Large Breed provides optimal nutrition for large breed puppies (adult body weight 25-40kg) and giant breed puppies (adult body weight >40kg) This diet contains tailored levels of energy, calcium and phosphorus to help promote optimal bone development of growing large and giant breed puppies. It contains high quality ingredients such as poultry protein as our first ingredient, fats, carbohydrates and fibres as well as important vitamins and minerals necessary for optimal growth.

Recommended for: Large breed puppies (adult weight 25kg to 40kg) from 1 to 18 months in age. Giant breed puppies (adult weight >40kg) from 1 to 24 months in age.

Key Benefits:

  • Healthy brain and vision development. Optimal clinically proven DHA levels for smarter, more trainable puppies.
  • Healthy skin and radiant coat. OmegaCoatTM with Omega 6:3 Fatty Acids.
  • Immune system support. Guaranteed antioxidant levels.
  • Gentle digestion. Easy to digest with natural fiber and prebiotic blend.
  • Healthy joint and bone growth. Customized to support fast growing large breed puppies.

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