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  • NZ-grown chicken feed
  • Help meet your chicken’s 16% protein diet.
  • A healthy mix of nutritious feed
  • The best in the bok-bok-bok business for laying hens.

Feeding guide

We recommend feeding approximately 150gm per bird per day, and it is best to always have available for extra feeding should additional fresh feed be required. Fresh water and oyster shell grit should also always be made available, and fresh greens and food scraps are a good way to add some variety and extra natural goodness to the diet of your chickens.


Barley, canary seeds, wheat, oats, kibbled maize, kibbled green peas, poultry pellets (soya bean meal, peas, wheat by-products (broll) and vegetable oil), sunflower seeds, grit.

Nutritional analysis: Protein: 16.5%,  Fat: 3.8%, Fibre: 6.4%, Calcium: 1.6%, Reactive Lys mg/100mg: 0.75%

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