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Made in New Zealand, Ultra Mox™ contains the unique combination of oxfendazole, praziquantel and moxidectin, offering the broadest spectrum of activity available. Moxidectin is effective against inhibited stages and late encysted stages of small strongyle larvae and is safe to use on pregnant and lactating mares at all stages of gestation, and in foals from four weeks old.

  • Only 3-in-1 combination wormer containing moxidectin
  • Safe for all classes and types of horse including pregnant and lactating mares
  • Safe for foals from 4 weeks of age
  • Apple flavoured paste
  • Active ingredients: Moxidectin 8mg/g, praziquantel 50mg/g and oxfendazole 200mg/g with 1mg sodium metabisulphite


Active ingredients: Moxidectin 8 mg/g, praziquantel 50 mg/g and oxfendazole 200 mg/g in an apple-flavoured, paste for oral administration. Product also contains with 1 mg sodium metabisulphite
Label Specifications See label.
Application method Set the correct dose rate by turning the plunger lock. Remove the cap and insert the syringe nozzle into the side of the horse's mouth, in the gap between the front and back teeth. Advance the syringe as far as possible into the mouth, and deposit the paste onto the back of the tongue by pressing the plunger completely to give the measured dose. Then immediately raise the horse's head and hold for a few seconds to ensure the full dose is swallowed.
Application timing Recommended as a spring treatment for all horses targeting encysted cyathostomes, regardless of faecal egg count results. Also recommended as an additional autumn treatment for ‘at risk’ animals, which include youngsters aged one to four years and high-risk adults. Use Ultra Mox™ as a quarantine drench for new horses or those returning from grazing on other properties.
Controls Treatment and control of all sensitive strains of roundworms, tapeworms, bots and abamectin resistant Parascaris equorum in horses.
Dose Rate 5 g per 100 kg.
Suitable for Worming horses.
Withholding periods

Meat: 63 days


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